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the thing is

the thing is
to get in there
with a hacksaw
cut out
an eight inch length
of your
hold it
to your ear
like a conch:
this is
anything else
you write
is chalk line
around a
wishing well.
very few
are willing
or able
to do this:
they will tell you
the thing is
to read
as much as possible.
they will talk
much more
than they ever
their poems will
hold no water:
no skin.

5 Aug 08

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how true, especially lines 15-19.
 — SilverGirl

I find the style here kind of choppy.  Somehow the short sentences don't really work here and make it work to read.
 — propoet50

Love the terseness in this very direct piece of writing.  Lines 32-35 really had impact.  
 — sybarite

it's possible to write as many of these as there are doubts in your mind after you write one like this. it's still about writing, though, and what this does is give a bumpy word theme park ride. what it says is that you're right and that we're not in any position to shift out of you and into our own space... unless we're retards and simply clone-fart "this is good!". we use prose to talk about poetry but prose has to fix things as dictionary dumb in order to share. even the lamers can say "poetry is feeling", and, reading your verse, i'd have to say that they've got a point.
 — joey