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To marvel at the earth's landscape
and say that it is beautiful
is not enough.
But to say that is your creation
is true fascination
at the highest fashion.
To try to be happy
and please the self
can only take me so far,
but to please only you
removes the scars
and arrogant burdens
that have consumed me
is my rightful place and purpose.
Allah, bismillah, inshallah,
yeshua, jehovah, krishna
Hare ultima, alpha, omega!
My lord,
I bow down to you
as your unqualified servant.

8 Aug 08

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absolutely beautiful poem dedicated to God - first stanza, and - to a lover - the second stanza.
 — nisetru

 — unknown

absolutely beautiful, no othe rway to describe it
 — Odin

 — Odin

This is really lovely. I love 777.
 — elysium

Beautiful prayer- I like this.
 — SilverGirl

Respectfully and tenderly written, but why not capitalize the other deities and Lord in L19 too?  
 — unknown

Hey, this sounds like a current open thread...Sounds like you don't know who to worship so you have god-soup.  You can't please them all.
 — Isabelle5