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i shall be fair, He said, better, OrWell.

God told me to awake anotherday
He shall leave me like he found me,
uncolor bleach skinned around my bristle,
while beneath low clouds bishops foxtrot through parks-
their white elephant festival.
Catholic two dollar shoes hurt my feet
as I walk, the leisure of Spokane, Washington.
You can forget telescreens, Russian communism
goldstein men, fondling money, angeldust.
'I will have' (His eyebrows sunk, as Spoke) 'my Ownlife.
My expressions will never tell, sunk into books.'
"Oh, God, make up yourmind..."

13 Aug 08

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i really like the play on words - OrWell - in the title

love lines 3 to 6 - great stuff
 — Mongrol

haha, He deserves some mockery, too, yes.
Gawdamn Gawdness.

life is never fair and that's the beauty of it
and this piece.
: )
 — fractalcore

i appreciate your kind words!
 — dustybottoms