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Spring morn at drag strip.
Budding car strains to blossom.
On your mark. Get set.

18 Aug 08

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After listening to readers, I modified the poem. Thanks, Joseph
 — PoorPoem

dragstrip spring morning --
booming fukker car vaarooom!
onyerMark... let's go!!!
 — joey

vroom vroom?
: )
 — fractalcore

Yes, and cute title!  haha
 — Isabelle5

 — PoorPoem

  in the right hand column I thought the title was Growl like howl -- I was pleasantly surprised by this little uplifting play of words -- I've always imagined that tight fisted ball of petals straining to flip out into the rain and Sun was the most painful moment before liberating to be undone -- as a Gardner this played the imagery well for me
 — AlchemiA

 — unknown

I wonder whether the "!" helps. I like it. What do other people about this "poor poem"?
 — unknown

I was completely surprised by this piece, nice ( -:
 — sherains

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