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Hours Is A Great Metaglass

10 REM fractals and glass sculptures
20 cls; input "what's your name? ";U$
30 for X = 1 until keypressed
40 ? "...you are reality amplified @ the sun's core, "; U$;"... ";
50 next X
60 ? "what's your name again? : )"

written 07/05/08
thanks, technomancer.
: )

22 Aug 08

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this reminds me of the pome I wrote which was a Love pome for my present Lover -- we met in a Database Programming course and in the C language I created a working compilable program that had the function of Love as its main operative -- the iterations exceeded the ability of most processors at the time and crashed often -- I think I have the code on a disk somewhere --  run on
 — AlchemiA

would really love to read that love poem of yours, sir.

this one here is in the old Turbo Pascal 5.5 language --
C language's predecessor [i think] -- which i'm not even
sure i got right. 'coz it was a very long time ago when i got
introduced to and absorbed in it.

thank you for always taking the time and i look forward
to reading that nice program of yours.
: )
 — fractalcore

C and Pascal evolved separately, and I think C developed earlier.  Pascal was an attempt to make programming a more visually readable language, something you could look at and understand just by reading, which of course is great here :)

I love it as a program and a poem, you're such an abstract motherfucker, hah.  Thanks for the credit.
 — technomancer

oh, thanks for the info and appreciation, dude.

there might be a bug in the syntax, i'm not sure,
but you know the point driven at.

motherf*ckers are birds with the same feathers, hehe.
: )
 — fractalcore

umm, i like the title. .
 — DeformedLion

do you have a title fetish?
: )
 — fractalcore