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I trip, shatter-thudding
and vacantly follow
a dull echo
flooding underwater
chambers; swirling heavy
tiptoes down the hallways of my mind.
Together there, we bully backwards
my lips hitting the carpet without
notice; my identity spins itself upwards,
hazing out
into gray-blackness. A jar is thrown
from a confused set of five-finger-digits and
a spongy sense of balance. I fall
to glass. You hit to glass.
Where are we going.
I have lost you in a sea of waves
twisting my wrists, grasping my grip lose.
Amnesia overpowers
my pleading memory.
The clock keeps ticking while time stares back
unable to answer my pitted stomach.
In a pool of cold I reside in wait.
wait for the heat to slink its way back
the smiles
to regain their bright lights, though unsure the sun
can remember to shine.
His arms are weak and his heart wrenched
between the cracks.
He and his sunglasses gone to find a better life
without the sea
and the hallways.

24 Aug 08

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