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For her

For all the hard and sill things
that threaten to sink my soul
there are but many things
that soar and bind my darkness
If not for truth and purpose
that I find
there would be little
save for shadow
to save me from the dusk
These are my dreams
They are my eyes
They are everything to behold
as there is little about you
that is not splendid
With them
my desires
I chance to lighten and hue
The lovely eyes and lips
that have remained as cold
Before the sun
But with each passing moment
As I paint this portrait
By the by, it is easy to see
This blanc face of mine
finds a way
Through each stroke to become
something very close but far
And as I gaze upon this face
I weep and awe
For the title
that is easy to tell
Caitlin is this paint of love
As upon this canvas of life.

26 Aug 08

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