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When I'm with you, I feel at home.
1000 miles away, yet my heart is at ease,
Hearing the words you say, and the way you say them,
The excitement in your voice and the smile on your face.
Glazed over eyes, and your soft, interested attentiveness.
Your cool confidence radiates, while your timidness holds you back,
I listen and ponder, wondering what to think,
I am captivated by your thoughts, intrigued by your experiences.
Watching the clock, wondering where the night has gone,
I am alone without you, and desire to be alone with you.
Never before have I felt so close to someone I know so little,
1000 miles from home, yet closer than I have ever felt before.

9 Sep 08

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line 10 is def a winner. poetic structure is a lil off but a solid poem none the less.
 — jrnuzum

Is this for a pen pal? It is a little open for interpretation. Like the  poem overall
 — themolly