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Breezy Autumn

I realize now, that i am a love bird.
i imagine myself, face fast into the Autumn breeze;
its chill is worthy of a sentimental glance.
i stand naked in her cold season, harvested.
naked, we are all searching for a place to lay
before the seasoned eyes turn too frigid.
I realize now i will stand alone on this hill.
and soon every tree will turn to gold before dying;
as sentiment lost amid a forest of gloomy days.
I smell the smoke of fire, i feel the crisp air;
what is, this-year-to-bring?
    Passionate memories: Autumns fair.

13 Sep 08

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i liked this although. is there a reason why you alternate your i's from upper to lower?

line 1 is great, as is 8 and 9. i wasnt particular to line 11.
 — raskolniikov

I's are observing reality, i's are observing self.
 — MattPat

some nice reflections of one mirror inside another - though I am not overly entranced by the description formats..

gloomy days .. too frigid .. stand naked ... her cold season .. etc

though 'face fast into the Autumn breeze' captures me...

~ Mong
 — Mongrol

Mongrol, if you like the mirrors, you should take a look at my other poems--the more recent ones that is, they have a strong propensity for reflection.
 — MattPat

I will that matt :)
 — Mongrol