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Deal or no deal?

let me drown
in your guitar,
and make love
with your past
let me kiss your
battle scars,
and  suck your
calloused thumb.
you don't have to entice
these legs will spread freely
you don't have to ask
these hands are excited for the job
for $ 100 baby,
i am yours.

21 Sep 08

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wow, i didn't know howie played guitar.
 — jenakajoffer

Ahh women... sigh.
 — technomancer

who's howie?
 — unknown

who's howie, jen?
 — unknown

nazi scum, you should be struck off.
 — unknown

L12 comes off as awkward, but this clever and i'm a sucker for clever. open the fuckin case already will ya
 — flourides

alexisboram, deal..
or no deal?

i'm sure you could use the hundred bucks, but i bet you'd change your life if you had sex with the banker.  
 — jenakajoffer

 — alexisboram

oh well...
; )
 — fractalcore