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My Unbattered Meal

From roots to tips
beans with sprouts
kimchi makes a spicy
turns meaty unhealthy
veggie vegans groan
roaring sighs from poultry den
I am you and you are me
though Zara's aren't free.
farewell shy piggy
bye flying chickie
til my tongue touches
never ever your flesh again.

2 Oct 08

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wow, welcome back, happymole.

where have you been all this time?
very nice new post there 'cept for that icky
"veggie vegan" or did you do it on purpose?

nice to read your work again.
please keep posting.

btw, this reminds me of my failed vegetarian
attempt at my diet. it's a continuous struggle

thanks for coming back.
: )
 — fractalcore

haha - this is delicious reading, tongue rolling word play, teasing and salivating funny

having gone through what you have here, i sympathise ;)

nice read
 — Mongrol

that's unfortunate.

what about beefy?
 — unknown

These thoughts in the poem are harsh and don't fit well together:  like forcing puzzle pieces to fit together even though the image that the combination makes doesn't seem to make sense: this, and a number of poems I've read from this site, fit this description. 5/10
 — Poe

try eating a musket
 — chuckle_s

thanks Mongrol.  I'm trying to be a strict vegan but doomed to fail.  haha.  
 — happymole

thanks unknown...uh...i haven't thought of that but yeah, what really happened to beefy?  :)  maybe they were packed along with those easy-to-cook noodles.  :)
 — happymole

thanks chuckle_s but which musket shall I take?  the one living or the other one causing death?  :)  
 — happymole

thanks Poe. Though there's actually no forced rhyme there, still I'm sorry if you got irritated.  
 — happymole

isabelle's musket
see "fleeing antietam"
chew slow
chew often
 — chuckle_s