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what is 25¢ and a woman (fr ye fractalcore)

I -- I! I hear yr a he:
Hearken ye to th Black Bashlors with glue-tooths,
And swollen tongue-ties for maximum psychological sovereignty!
Come peddle down the hot bawd (th new rose at sunride)
R: steering a raindrop:
Loose gangsa' shriveled ant bombs: "GSSSSSHHH! Pew!"
Wasp rocket settles between two eyelashes on Cindy B: "get it off!"
Pink peanut climb down from D tree
Bruvver bumps D door to bend in
Melt aginst D carpet
Granmudder come too:
She got a card in er 'and
Nervous fingers: praise granmudder,
She carries a saint, the saint Fisher from Industry,
Where fish-ghosts float
t th' tops ah ink puddles
(er yr pupils in th mirror tonight).
The saint carries a card:
It has a saint: Beezly o d Yew Nork,
"The Mute Mouth, -- "the least famous person on earth!""
Big ol 'oman ses,
"Welcome to my shoes!"
D front flap thumbs up
Tongue up, run under:
Gum stuck.
A billboard politician:
I am one guilty
of sparing no fraction of my eyesight
T C it, praise my power-red tongue-tie!
Lix T th' wind --
The Wind, Fat With Currency!

13 Oct 08

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yep, i've heard i'm a he, hehe.
thanks for this, OK.

i'll get back to give this some thought later.
: )
 — fractalcore

;) jes wanted you TC it. satisfied that ydid
 — OKcomputer