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R is for random

unexpected random break downs
tears crush this "happiness"
out of no where
in class,
on the steering wheel,
on the computer,
on the floor,
on my pillow.
it rains everyday in my head
it floods
leaking through the lids of of my eyes
in thick full droplets
no barricade or sandbags
can hold back this raging emotion.
it escapes
only to come right back
finding me
in my classes,
my car,
my desk,
the floor of my room,
and at night on my pillow.
it breaks through my concentration, my thoughts, my dreams, my heart.
i break.
i am still alive, still laugh, still smile, i still try
but now,
with endless streams of tears that run randomly
they run
they land on my lips
the taste is foreign
as if i had never cried before.

14 Oct 08

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this message is obvious and i have an idea of what you wanted to say but it gets muddled in the writers head. i like it though.
 — brokenarrows

I like it. Maybe swap "emotion" for "ocean", "stream" or "river" - line 14.
 — syrossoul