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overhead sun marks
the day for you
shadows elsewhere show
the spot of your return as you
turn away from your own
nothing in your hands
head light as the lightness felt by
your erect manifestation
so close to the ground
the fabric of thought stretched
ever so thinly thinking you
could do it
eying forcibly the blinding
clarity of your crescendo
on the underside
with the skies and the earth
having only you to protect in
their harsh realities reduced to
a single circumstance called
to be
dumbed by the thought of it

20 Oct 08

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 — unknown

thanks for faving, AlchemiA. any thoughts?
 — fractalcore

: )
 — fractalcore

Hey Fractaliscious -- I fave'd it as I meant to get back to the ideas unravelle'd in this piece -- I made a Sun dial with Egyption Icons I got from a Toy store -- it's presently half past the pyramids nearing Isis -- you've unravelled the urge we are as Nature's surge to manifestation oin L10 through 26 giving the mind set as the end note in L27 although 'dumbed' and 'awed' (odd) are synonymous here -- I'll comment some more shortly -- lunch is afoot
 — AlchemiA

bon appetit
: )
 — fractalcore

thanks Fractalcore. i found a new favorite.

please know the perfection of this.
 — listen

you're very kind as asual, listen.
thank you for reading.
: )
 — fractalcore

Line 9, "being,"
Line 12, "Thinking," 14, "blinding"

All inactive forms, I think if you could convert them to active verbs and possibly replace line 9 with some something stronger, this would be very good.

I'll save my rating for later, I think there are some word choice issues here as well, though on the whole I enjoyed the read.
 — technomancer

hi, listen.

your kindness is relentless.
it's nice to be back and you're
one of the PC people i've missed.

see you around.
: )
 — fractalcore

hi, technomancer.

thanks so much for your time and suggestions.
|9 is meant to mean 2 things and i don't know
what to do with all the other -ing words as of the
moment as i've been away from here for so long.

specifics would be most welcome.
: )
 — fractalcore

Cool poem.  Though me thinks you've a typo*  (eyeing) line 14.  Otherwise, nice read.
 — JKWeb

p.s. Do you need 'their' in line 20?  jus' wonderin'
 — JKWeb

thanks for the read, mr JKWebster sir.

i think 'their' refers to the skies' and the earth's
harsh realities and is used to denote/mark the
extremes of whatever harsh realities there are;
it's also a slight nod at heaven and hell.

the cool thing about eyeing and eying is that they
make safe room for pseudo-misspellings, hehe.

glad you enjoyed this piece.
; )
 — fractalcore

 — psychofemale

yes, psychofemale.
it's amazing how i'm not able to
read a comment before it gets deleted.

thanks for stopping

: )
 — fractalcore