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Yes I know

Found on my hard drive.

As you speak
I am getting up
off this patio
furniture chair
of this fu-fu café
dropping down cash
to cover everything
so I can escape;
(but only in my mind.)
You explain the world,
Your gender right
My gender wrong
using my father’s
father’s father and
anything I say
or don’t say.
(My minds past the door
Turning right)
I’m setting quite
You attack my father
But you're like my father
You have the tattoos,
the superiority,
the big truths;
all you need now
is a big belt buckle
and military jacket
around your fat ass.  
(I’m getting on a bus
Going to the beach
With fresh air and
Half naked beauties.)
………Yes, I know.

8 Nov 08

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