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when love surrenders

a heart fails
blood seeping out holes
discerning thoughts
disrupt the system
as truth watches on
with a twisted smile
whispering false words
justice commits loyalty
the cause for betrayals
stability becomes the
biggest desertion
and pride, shame-faced,
hangs his head
below a rippling white flag
unable to watch as a comrade, courage,
crawls into a dark corner
and withers
strength, falteringly,
fights to lift a hand
for eternity to wave
a final farewell
love has surrendered
life is suffering

11 Nov 08

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its strong
 — deadwinter

i love this sweetie.
 — brokenarrows

Good one. But I think this one kinda sounds like one of those "before I die" type of poems.

Referencing to things such as a "white light" or "lightness" of some sort can only enhance this beauty.
 — CheBourdain7

thanks. anybody else? i feel like its missing something but im not all too sure what?
 — silentspring

pretty good
 — unknown

Nothing to do with this poem: Just wanted to say you are an amazing person. Smart talented nice(so NICE!). You deserve good things in life and I really hope you get them. Don't you dare dismiss this, I'm only writting what I have observed. This is fact. I'm not a stalker and will not view this page again. Good day:)
 — unknown

umm okay.... anybody else?
 — silentspring