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pie and sausage in the oval office

i've been thinking hillary,
would you like to be my secretary of state?
oh oh oh obama, yes!
i've been waiting,
for you to ask me......
i will bring you rome
london and tokyo,
they will fall humbly at your feet
yours for you to open,
like my shrivelled fascist ass
spread like honey, unsurpassed.
and naked, there they lie
on that presidential oval rug,
with the beautiful smile
of comrade stalin,
looking down from up above.

21 Nov 08

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hahahahaha this is sick
 — unknown

pres. notes

to do list
1#  call the rug cleaners
2# burn the dress
3# get a shrink
 — unknown

pie and sausage, hmm...
: )
 — fractalcore

democrat do dallas
 — unknown