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the leaflet

here by popular demand! okay, only one person asked for it, but that's beside the point.

she spoke softly
and over the corner
a leaflet
imprinting every
resounding syllable

26 Jun 02

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Thank you! There isn't enough I can say about this poem. It's just so perfect.
 — unknown

Sounds lovely, but I just don't get it :(
 — unknown

yeah, same here...
 — unknown

You're not supposed to get it. Read Unanalyzed by the same author.
 — unknown

when you say that, it's so much more beautiful. all the analyzation i put into this site, to be "fair", is making my head heavy.
how does 5 lines create such a huge picture in my head?
 — jade

Simplicity rocks.
 — allie

Hmm, I sort of get it, I think! If I do, it's great, and if you're saying something else it's probably good anyway.
 — Moose

what a great poem! How did you ever express so much emotion and imagry into so few words
 — unknown

if she spoke softly, how did the leaflet resound her syllables?
 — unknown

I don't know. I really haven't a bloody clue what I was writing about here, nor do I have any idea why people seem to like this one so much. I just thought 'resounding syllable' sounded good.
 — abby

This is to weird
 — unknown

lol, great poetical words but I haven't a clue as to thier meaning-- oh well, I like it all the same :)
 — Angelfire

  i don't get u!
 — unknown

i dont really like it.  it's not my taste of poetry, maybe?  the words dont fit right, nor evoke any emotion from me, nor do they seem to flow very nicely?  but again, maybe this just isnt my kind of poetry?
 — aeturnus