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wide open windows

in the morning
the birds sang...
so loudly in my ears
as i slept...
forgot to shut the window
of my mind...
she came...
wandering into my head
long ago i loved her...
to much to forget.
Mike Hendershot 2009

i am thirteen

16 Jan 09

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sounds like you have a wide open heart,keep on writing for a 13 year old very good, all the verses worked well i am glad you did not shut the windows of your mind
 — unknown

so lightly done, another lovely poem. If you are really thirteen, keep writing, I love your voice. If you are only pretending to be thirteen, keep writiing, I love your voice.
 — crimsonkiss

my son is a lazy writer he wrote this in bed, this summer he will be fourteen
 — ambiguos

it's ok; i am 12
and i love this.

: )
 — fractalcore

thank you fractalcore
 — ambiguos