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stepping toward satori, pt. 4

happily detuned to the frequency that
my days seem to end and begin
like one began and never ended
like water between faultlines
like atlas took a smoke break
i know what enormous is
but i dont feel it anymore --
weightless as i glide
down my hallway at daybreak
to sleep like someone took
a brick to my head.
entertain yr thoughts like hostages
squeeze tight like yr wringing them out

26 Jan 09

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Nice poem. Satori, wheres that?
 — unknown

satori is the brief abrupt state of zen
 — joshcoops

Someone likes Kerouac and the Beats
 — palus924

Satori - Part 4 - very funny - like the Order of Chastity - 3rd class! :)
 — unknown

Where's satori? Behind the back of the statue where the hedgeline starts.
 — unknown

great job.  related am w/u.
 — roblaga

I've sat to read this a few times 'n I gotta say that the freqwency is bipolar like in a relationship where the more you suffer, the more you Love, happily transduced
 — AlchemiA

Kerouac? is it because he used "yr" as a personal trademark? what trivial bullshit.
 — unknown

very lame ending.
 — unknown

 — flourides

 — technomancer

simply fucking fantastic.
 — saturated

diiiiiiinnnngggg, I'm enlightened, I like this—satori it is.
 — elDICE

'yr' is more blackmountain spk lol

and seems more Snyder influenced than Kerouak.. Kerouak was never serious about Zen.

great write!

i like the last two lines especially
 — Salamander

this is tight.
"i know what enormous is / but i dont feel it anymore" is one of the better lines i've heard in quite a while.

8.4 on a pitchfork scale.
 — a2b489

This poem starts strong, and keeps the strength going until L12, where it seems to kinda fall off. I don't know if you meant for this, but I really think the first 5 to 7 lines are where this poem's brilliance resides.

L5 is superb.
 — A_Forsaken

see, I see lines 5-7 as the weakest... close to glib
 — Salamander