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I was born at your feet
(born to adore you.)
You, the blue-tinted flame
that effortlessly melts me away;
then, now, and always.
I stayed there and danced
like all dreamers do
revelation- the cast fell into place;
I- the stargazer
living through the night.
My neck in pain from constant craning toward my craving;
You- the illuminating star.
You who boldly shines wherever you are placed in the sky.
But you are strong- too rooted to fall my way
and I am weak- too frail to ever reach you.
This is the result when the ends of spectrums curve.
Knowing my story's end, I pushed you away
in my foolishness, I forgot
that these longings would stay
these colors vivid, unfading with time.
[I'm blinded again]
We sit alone, the only members of the world.
My hand enclosed in yours
as you look at me with my own eyes.
I adore, and am also adored.
All lines between us fade in the night...
But back, I snap
to my stone-cold morning
where you are withheld
in a stone-cold hell.
Life has reported you away from me
and I won't see you again.
I'll never feel your lips on mine
or hear my words with your voice.
To wish you well is to wish my own death.
The tears I cry have no hand beneath them.
This love was conceived from pity.
My heart does not break with force,
it stretches along with each tug-
eight million steps
            the ice-blue eyes of your princess,
                             and the ashes of my wretched soul.
s t r e t c h i n g,
s t r a i n i n g,
to you.

29 Jan 09

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how are you conceiving this as product? as a song, or as maybe a music-less performance piece? it's got a nice professional edge to it -- talking always to the reader. it's not so much what it says, as that we're reading it.
 — geckodrome

This was meant to be a poem...but now that you mention it, this does somewhat resemble a song.
"Professional edge", that's quite a compliment considering how many levels of levels I am from being a "professional".
 — PricklyCooki

from stars we come to stars we shall return along the arc of an ancient longing ever destined to burn -- very tactile pome with an ancient ache within written with a verity that we all share in -- write on star pome -- could that last line be 'toward you.' perhaps
 — AlchemiA

nice write
 — unknown

 — unknown

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! =D
To Unk2: Haha, never thought of a cactus. But it's an interesting thought
 — PricklyCooki

Have you ever heard nusrat fahte ali khan?
 — MattPat

M.Patt- hmm..I'll admit I didn't hear of him before, but I researched a bit at his mention. Don't know what to say though...I don't think the piece above sounds too much like his work..
In any case, thanks for stopping by :]
 — PricklyCooki

 — unknown

I can understand that. It's a bit cliched...but I still like it enough to put it here. And others seem to like it well enough- it's been on the recent best list for a while now.

And thanks to Aziel for faving :]
 — PricklyCooki

I definately know the feeling described here.  
 — Psyfro

I think everyone does, or has at least. Thanks for faving. =]

Quick Question;I just noticed this was in the Top Rated box as well...did it just pop up or are my eyes failing me again? ;]
 — PricklyCooki

ha...never mind.
Can't please everyone.
 — PricklyCooki