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goodbye alex!

a cough in the hallway,
rather, a bullet. (i'd rather.)
some-body wants me to die.
i have thought about murder
within and without.
i have been pimped out, scratched
marked like a tree.
i have fucked for drugs
for someone else.
i have criticized somebody's sex
before an audience.
wes made love to me
eyes embracing
and then stole from my purse.
joey fucked me
and made a small werewolf
in the crack
i do not understand the maths.
i have attended an animal orgy.
i have abandoned my lover
for thieves, sluts, pretenders.
they all drive drunk.
kyle calls it a rite of passage
kyle deserves to die.
and when he does i will laugh.
two living arrows point down my throat
in the early hours
they fight over me, they tricked me.
get you down real low
then strike. a happy girl is a hard girl
get you easy.
by proximity, joey wins.
wesley falls asleep, defeated.
Arthur Tuggy, do you mind if I sit on your tombstone?
I come to the cemetery to confront the life I am living.
your wife beside you, isn't life funny?
you can only possess one thing at a time.
its me and the birds
and a damp sun lamp
i hope the geese can feel my peace
as i approach with acceptance
the end of my life.
a four devil party has emptied me of my humanity.
satan made us magnets in the loins.
all of us terribly frightened, wishing to be invisible.
what a burden it is to be seen by eyes.
spied on, watched from inside the mind.
i will now say a prayer to whoever is listening.
i will ask for nothing.

6 Mar 09

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How about dinner tonight baby?
 — unknown

i love this. you wrote this with a raw hand though... im sorry to know youve been through this. but your life does not have to end for you to rise above these circumstances.
beautiful poem.
 — brokenarrows