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i know i'm stuck there
between yr. throat and
that digesting thing so
what does it feel like
when i get thrown up
who holds yr. hair back
and how did all these specks
get into my morning light
you never said anything
about my magnificent
bottle collection filled
with different amounts
of stale beer, my
divine orchestra set
up so when a butterfly flaps
its dusty wings over their lips
someone gets drunk in china
all i'm trying to
say is stay away because
i am something harder
and harder

10 Mar 09

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discussing this is something harder and harder to do but i want you to know i read it over an over your lines are good for me, something gets lost in the writing though... the poet of prose a pickpocket of reality. ferlinghetti
 — goeszon

i like your entoptically phenomenal poem.
 — chuckle_s

intriguing, beautiful...
 — endlesstrain

one of the best written pieces here..

the voice, the sonics, the music are all very clear in this.. and it run melodically down the page..

a good read and listen..
 — Gynoid

thanks for this!
 — flourides

pitch perfect

i want to know how to write without needing punctuation!
 — peace

i must say "a must read"
and i'm so glad i did

read it.
: )
 — fractalcore

I liked a few of the directions you started here, but they all dead-ended into one another.
None of them were given a chance to develop...

Good end.  Expand it.
 — turboswami