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bucket with a dent (institution blues)

big fish lose a lot of salt
i did it baby but it was not my fault
still know nothing of fishes caught
yet you tender this wound when we fought
paint dries with the swiftness of a hand
i want to grow cabbage next to the leeks of a friend
this love depends on nothing i have spent
but do not nag i will help you with the rent

19 Mar 09

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yeah, Stouty. this is so tasty, oblique as it is. However, i do suspect it was entirely your fault and you ought not to be abashed about taking the blame or the fall. Why not pay all of the rent?
 — banditfemme

A quote by ferlinghetti    "Poetry the underwear of the soul"   not that this guy or gal is full of shit...
 — goeszon

this note is legal trout i mean stout i mean tender
 — chuckle_s

Fuck me philip, holy fuck, see boy, you have it in you , for fuck's sake.
Love it when you get angry
Best poem yet
You cunt.
 — unknown

love to Billy x
 — unknown

the good 'as gone with the ugly
and the bad lies angrily upon
the summit  
paying the rent is unlike golf
you hit yet don't maime
 — stout

 — stout

dont pay it
 — Empty

 — unknown

 — unknown