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spin cycle;
water leaves wormhole
to enjoy the flow
of heaven's divine,
warm froth or brine?
She laughs little streaks
of grey on blackest night
as brightest day tweaks
multicoloured orbs;
where am I?
more importantly;
who am I not....
I am not drunk,
but the other,
drip drip drip....

26 Mar 09

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a nice little mystery... lines 6 and 7, just sublime thinking..

a good read..
 — Gynoid

i watched at least 3 dozen reruns
of the 'the drunken master' when
i was small.

now i'm still small but this made me
think i'm jacky chan stowing away
from the shawl-lean temple.

nice kung-fu, section4.
; )
 — fractalcore

dripping rain on my parade-
 — mandolyn