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afghanistan calling

repeated assignments
endless tours
they missed him,
all alone
until his death
would buy him peace
"more time at his home"
Mike Hendershot 2009

3 Apr 09

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this 'lil limerick makes its poignant point like a bayonet into the heart of the reader -- the rhyme drives it home
 — AlchemiA

at the cost of many souls, another viet nam in making,pushing into pakistan... but what are we to do but waste ourselves and money chasing and killing small groups of taliban when they will win over these countries in the end... what a waste
 — goeszon

lonely death, lonely home, this is the price for peace ?
 — ambiguos

With just a few words this piece packs a powerful punch and is grounded in the truth of the matter.  Good write.
 — PaulS

: )
 — fractalcore

until his death, is played out almost each day, and maybe more that we don't know about, the death numbers covered up, have you noticed that no one sees the flag draped coffins coming off the planes or laid out in a way we can honor our dead? i get the press or someone says that is a no-no and no one really knows or perhaps even cares,,,what are we today?
 — ambiguos

Don't give up your day job...Oh, by the bye, this is not a limerick as AlchemiA maintains.
 — unknown

My heart flops when I see "afghanistan calling" - an odd six digit number.  I like "home."
 — Infrangible

This is more sentiment than poem.  Repeated (how many?), endless, missed, time and peace are all abstractions, and they make up the bulk of the poem.
 — unknown