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this shit ain't good

The economy I mean.
We're in a bad spot.
Watch the news,
I dare you.
You'll be seeing CEO's
arguing about their fuck up's
and how they owe people money.
When workers are
losing their hard earned wealth
with the sweat of their fathers
to achieve their evident goals,
And I'm staring at
a grim gaunlet of
grinding gears with
the other kids who are
finally staind on
their own two feet.

6 Apr 09

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Look beyond.
 — unknown

i used to like the band staind
 — norman

do you mean gauntlet in line thirteen?  i don't know...it really doesn't say a whole hell of a lot poetically.  my opinion of course.
 — unknown

no disagreement here
 — chuckle_s

this poem ain't good.  sorry.
 — unknown

staind?  That is no word I can find.  What do you mean by it?  This seems very disjointed to me.  Not clear about lines 10-11.

The poem doesn't seem strong enough to show a worldwide financial meltdown, in my opinion.  
 — Isabelle5

Took me back to age 12/13, when I was freaking out - a nice free-floating fear - about Iran and Iraq warring as they were.  I was terrified of 'nuclear' destruction, death itself, and that somehow the whole WORLD would become involved.  I asked my Dad what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off, and he replied 'stand up on a table, pull down your pants, grab your ankles, and kiss your arse goodbye'.

It would have been nice if Staind were around in my time, but It's Been a While :)
 — CervusWright