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Signing the Papers

(soon i'll sign the papers
the ones that set you free,
my hands are shaking I cannot help it
my eyes, staring at the words on the page
but I cannot read them)
I believe I'm losing something
in this warm and empty room
darkening quietly eyes of my own,
from across this barren table
I never blink to anyone,
somethings are heavier than they appear...
because I can barely carry the weight of this place,
something is heavy about it's air
brushing pass us with unexplainable hurry,
or maybe I am this very moment
feeling everything all at once...
I made love bridges, now out of control
like hopes that never forgot their part,
but my destinations have crumbled away,
so I don't need paper bridges,
I'll never venture again outside my beating heart,
trembling hands sign away my first true love

11 Apr 09

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i don't get it* sorry
 — unknown

it's all good i need to fix a few things in this one to help make more sense...
 — vida

Its was about my divorce.
 — vida

This is really good!
 — icantwrite

 — vida