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he taught me to speak

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he floated,
bespeckled everyone's fingers,
he taught me how to speak
like a silent river
a bed of sand
when I was a closed, cracked door
that only he could see through
I was a jouster
in empty fields
plowing for regeneration
blade humming, beating against the silent corn
I set time bombs amongst my lungs
I spat on myself
with the tobacco juice of degradation
those sticks will jump up and poke ya I said
lucid, gargantuan smile on his face
open to climbing spectacles
and he shattered my thirst for the tremble and the seizure
he climbed my humor freeze
used his dirty nails
and I watched my laughter crack and escape down our faces
I told him he made the car hood into a sliding board
and that a cop would pull him over for riding up there
and he intensified the chalk night
with fervor and beacons
an ornament in the blackened bronze brush
a little deliverer
he sketched in his books
popping candy in brooks
he battled a rhinoceros that was only soil
I picked up my war clothes
and dueled
this time my pores popped
my asteroids collided
I shrieked
the cry only a toy soldier
can make

17 Apr 09

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i can't make sense of it, my pores popped... as a whole ... is this a art form of prose... or is it whacked out art... i am trying to learn something here from this... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

he had a salary
I didn't.
 — unknown

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