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I'm a Muslim American. Just like Christians have Church on Sunday, we have it on Friday. That's what I'm referring to with the first 4 lines. Thanks for reading!

Before you know it, it’s that day again
We sit here gathered in rows of 10
For this day only comes once a week
As we slowly approach the weekend's peek
The preacher speaks in words so true
Deep down I wonder “If only they knew”
That this is the message we really send
The same message the media bends
Its funny we say we’re after their bombs
When we ourselves have bigger ones
Sometimes I look at the innocent eyes
I guess 8 years is what it took us to realize
I see this war as a book with endless chapters
Sometimes I wonder if we’ve forgotten what we’re after
Its almost as if we can’t separate wrong from right
I just wish 1000’s of innocent didn’t have to pay the price
But despite this fact, somewhere in this world
Laying under a jeep, scared and curled
There’s a boy with no food on his plate
With more fear in his heart but even greater faith
So even though the death tolls continue to climb
And the rich can’t spare the poor a dime
I’ll always keep this thought in mind
“If he can believe, why can’t I?”

20 Apr 09

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