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Her scent stalks as she passes my way.
Gliding on concrete,
sure to skip cracks.
My outstretched limb sinks through her,
like a teased dog biting at bone.
I have found the one.
Our hands clasp,
bonding ideals and virtues.
This marriage of beings,
represents the tiniest of
Our hands release.
I am reunited with my thoughts.
Alone but virtuous.

20 Apr 09

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like breathing in an out fine...  line, 6 seems as though it does not belong here... the thoughts and play of thoughts were good, keep on writing whoever you are... j. g. smiles
 — goeszon

Another cool poem...I like how you dissect the event and how you are able to paint a visual using wordcraft...
 — JKWeb

 — cubbzor

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