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Al lelujah (for fractalgore)

Al Gob's warnings
'bout gorebal
warming, cause
as worries soar
but ah've found
a cure, a fail-safe
treatment, and
whad'ya know -
it's called Whisky
Ga Lore.

24 Apr 09

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that's a comet singing while
seeing its end cometh.

that darn long tail is too
heavy to
carry around too.
: )
 — fractalcore

http://poetr ycritical.net/forum/read/187946/

that's just to demonstrate
that i can copy-paste

: )
 — fractalcore

i like fractalgore
 — chuckle_s

"thanks for licking me"
: )
 — fractalcore

ja-ja-gabore got the swine-flu
the swine-flu will get to you as a mutt-like virus, eewww
pan-demonics is the earth having a temperature

bring-ing al-gore into fractal-lore has some humour -- as a homage to 'em as ewe do-em

i'll-lay-you, ahhhh
 — AlchemiA

If you ain't got no onesters you ain't got no poem. Merciful buckets an' to all for your gaga. :D
 — unknown

nice algorythems
 — syrossoul

'twas alimentary, my dear syrossoul ;)
 — unknown

bee an venue
 — chuckle_s