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All But Never

This feeling has been once before,
years ago, left in the Ides.
And yet, its familiar whisper gained slack,
a feeling I wished to abandon, only crawling back.
The gap ceases to be ignored.
That split shaped inward pride.
A sole factor to openly credit,
I thought she moved on, I guess she regrets it.
Two years time warps like two weak knees.
I won't beg, I will not plead.
But if our bodies return together,
and sing at the moon under 'Stormy Weather',
I will not mind, our time apart
all but never.

12 May 09

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what is it with all this poetry without punctuation? did these kids not get any education at all?
 — unknown

This poem has a lot of killer lines though line 13 is weird even if that's what you meant to write. (I will not not mind) Good overall...
 — JKWeb

oh whoops, that was a typo, meant to be just one "not" in line 13.

What's wrong with punctuationless poetry?
 — cubbzor

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