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I've got a drawer full of gnomes
get that pipe out of here Holmes
this is no mystery
its plain you see
it wasn't a burglar who stole my identity
but a bearded man about yeh high
sparkling eye
arms folded over his chest looks highly depressed
don't lie
you are impressed with the rest of the clues that may snooze
you otherwise.
The gnome left some traces of my composure
exposed to them provoke me closer to closure.
After hours of searching, I deduced some thought.
never taught of the ways of the gnome,
I had never known that the little guys
were just images of their owners disguised
in pointy hats and facial hair.
Unaware, I tended to ignore my small self.
Feeling sympathetic, I gave up on searching.
He can have my identity.
He needs it more than I do.

14 May 09

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Well thought out and well crafted poem indeed.  Clever title too!  If I had any gripe at all, it would be line 17- not the wording- I think that it needs to be split.  Please consider...cool poem otherwise...
 — JKWeb

it has been split!
 — cubbzor

Ahhh---much better cub...
 — JKWeb