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the recession (sitcom pilot episode)

meet my friend
boris the unemployed blackjack dealer
he has a face like a horseshoe
just look at those droopy eyelids
he hasnt seen action in 9 days
there was some snow
it was snowing
i cheated and i won
he talks like that
i eat glazed doughnuts from a pink box
we sit at the table
a wooden half circle
coated with red felt and deerskin
there he goes again
doing coke off a meteor and shit
its the simplest thing in the world
to make a mother sad
dont tell her that
please dont say that to anyone
a vietnamese boy appears to boris' right
looking up at him
but the boy has no pupils
i dont know if boris was fired
he wrote this piano blues song called
tell me when you kill somebody
town small but expanding
town small but expanding
they made it sound so ominous
do you work for the power company
i am the power company
tell meee when youuu kill sooomebodyyy

15 May 09

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hehe, i read this when you first posted it.  really like the first stanza.  the poem's kind of all over, but i get that.  
sorry i didn't comment before on the mention of the vietnamese boy.
damn that made me laugh.  this is quite good if you're in the right frame of mind. it doesn't go well though, after reading something sweet.
i shall continue...
 — jenakajoffer

Aw I'm glad you like this, I love hanging out with Boris
 — bykguy2000