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the recession, 3rd episode

part of the curse is
boris must always wear the same oversized black leather jacket
unless its sunday
its sunday
boris is wearing a sky blue hawaiian shirt with orchids
everyone has a right to let lose on the weekend
the vietnamese boy appears again
two older customers run away
initially i thought there was a piece of burnt toast stuck to the boys face
boris explains he was killed by napalm
another part of the curse is
ghost boy sets up his tv vcr on the blackjack table
and makes us watch tasteless movies
barn storm
gays on crutches
s.s gigantic
he likes to make us uncomfortable
until boris feeds him cocaine
its kind of the deus ex machina of the sitcom
now comrade
before we get started
the thing about cocaine
is there is never enough cocaine
within seconds
ghostie is flying over mars
he puts both hands on the meteor
back on earth we watch him roll around on the broken bottles surrounding our table
screaming until he becomes a hologram and vanishes
how could anyone bathe in water so cold, i ask
some of us have done some bad things

23 May 09

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