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Little I-Luv-i-ay

She came at me
from where I never knew
flashing those wide dark ovals
that peeked of mysterie and malaise
under my radar
swoopt in plain sight
grabbed at my heart and stole away
till I gave chase
snatcht it up in a trice
and grabbed her soul for evensies
The lickle imp she was
Neighbors dilling darling,
darling dilling,
she turned our orbs topsy-turvy
yet dwelt atop our lists
special invitee whom naught need be called forth
for all occasions mischief-ready
under table, underfoot,
captivated our body parts
Till at last I snatch’d her nose and made her beg to return it to its rightful owner
which she always claim’d to be
and coyly too
then ran away
And to whom I gave in all ways
and forever would I

25 May 09

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