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With Teeth

Black and white portraits frame the hallway
Bitter angst wallows pouring from tragic haste
Dusted corners reveal neglect and tinted times
Dangling cobwebs reap neigh, almost tattered torso
Curtains hinge on window, paining souls afar
Cannot half onto waste, plight sings art
Enter beast bearing teeth
Attempting to resurrect souls that lay beneath

27 May 09

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Do I detect a poltergeist? Or the devil himself?  A house + an evil presence = Amityville...I like the choice of words - especially the 5th and 6th couplet...
 — JKWeb

do I detect a meaning that suits me ?
 — unknown

do I detect detection?
 — cubbzor

I mean 3rd couplet or lines 5 & 6...hmmm
 — JKWeb

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