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fonder dreams have come to pass
hills have rolled to mountains
seas have boiled to looming gods
as i once had faith in you
once a towering buzz and howl
a spectacle to behold
endeared to fanatic retrospect
but faltered
at my feet
my feat of unparalleled compromise
unwise to bear the strain
refrained to bite my tongue once more
as it ripples
dribbling on deaf ears
and fears of souls and fears of saints
dead to me
statues of virtue  born of bravado
of lies and trickery
birthed to life by crooked lips
i feel your pull
refuse your grip
your words mean naught to me
this twisted knot of me
beguiled anatomy

4 Jun 09

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This is killer...I really like this one.  I especially like lines...Hell, I like the whole poem...~Excellent~
 — JKWeb

Impressive, compelling and powerful piece.  If it improves on 2nd and subsequent readings as it did for me, it really speaks.
 — gombola

thanks very much! i hadn't posted in soooo long that i just typed this up off the top of my head. i'm very glad it came across to you both. cheers!

 — unknown

Revisited this one...still killer :-)
 — JKWeb

thanks again jk! anyone else have feedback?
 — grneyeddevil

welcome back.

might've been gone on june 4th
but good to see this and you now.

: )
 — fractalcore

rather grandiose?
 — unknown

um yeah unk, poetry can be a bit grandiose sometimes. kinda the point y'know.

hey fractal, thanks for reading. i've been doing the gypsy thing and traveling around a lot. i come and read some things when i have a minute. thanks for reading!
 — grneyeddevil

Thanks again to the unks. I find that a lot of the time free association brings out the best in a poet. At least as far as I'm concerned.
 — grneyeddevil