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Apocalypse Weather

I was crossing the street about midday
when I noticed I was in step with another man.
I glanced to my right and he glanced back.
We cracked awkward, blegh smiles
and nodded.
We then waited at the next corner,
both of us aimed at the opposite side.
I shuffled my scuffed shoes
and he looked up at slate sky.
"This is apocalypse weather," he said.
"Why's that?"
"Just look at this place," he continued on, exhaling.
"We haven't seen the sun for days, and let's face it. Nobody here would expect the four horsemen to be galloping through. It would be the perfect, perfect freak accident, QED".
I smiled to myself.
"I'm sorry to disappoint," I chuckled
"I'm the first horseman, the other three slept in today".
"Is that so?" He said.
"Well in that case, I guess I'll be on my way".
"Have a great apocalypse."

22 Jun 09

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possible typo: apocalipso???

swing yer partner doh see doh


poet who goes by the name bi-stander
 — unknown

I'm a bit confused by what you said, but that you
 — cubbzor

I like your poem...interesting idea...but I was wondering about QED...is that latin for quad erat demonstrandum?

just wondering...
 — JKWeb

yeah it is, like what you have to put in geometric proofs to say you summed everything up
 — cubbzor

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