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The Morning After Note / Seasonal Guilt

It's another five-second summer
But I don't mean literally.
You've become a vanishing act
filled with this deceit.
Envious I am,
Even though this season
Has the bitter cold at it's feet.
And you've come and gone so quickly,
Warming the water just so brief.
You brought my favorite time
Just long enough to take it from me,
Before it could keep me out all night.
Don't worry longer than need be.
I will not make you a blatant patron.
You're a straight edge,
An incendiary face on
The side of my milk carton.
But now it is too cold to look for you.
And as another number rolls over on the mileage,
I watched them smash the cement
Where your hands had made an indent,
But I didn't flinch.
Our Hollywood Blvd. wasn't well traveled,
It wasn't even bright,
No one cared.
So symbolic of our future.
So surreal...
Until I woke up, and left you uncovered and alone.

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26 Feb 04

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I like both titles.  I think you should leave both on there.
I don't like the word symbolistic though.  Maybe symbolic would be less awkward.
 — chevolleau

yeah, i dont think symbolistic is even a word. other then that, you had me. i like the "5 second summer" and i like the 1st title, but both are suiting.
 — winglessGirl


\Sym`bol*is"tic\, Symbolistical \Sym`bol*is"tic*al\, a. Characterized by the use of symbols; as, symbolistic poetry.
 — saturnine

I like Seaonal Guilt better.  I think the morning after works better, but I like the ring to Seasonal Guilt.  I guess either would work, though.  
 — BoldSilence

 — unknown