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on the thermodynamics of coffee

sanguine were the languid dawns
so long before the glow behind
her eyes became a burning;
she would leave for me, each day,
on paper napkins, dainty notes
in catholic cursive hand. She'd tuck
them underneath a bodum, chock
with hot french roast, rough grounds
pressed tight between bright metal
springs and pyrex beaker: experiment
in proving love could last beyond
her passion’s presence midst bed
sheets. I'd shrug off sleep within
her galley kitchen, sip hot coffee
(just enough to craft a buzz) then pour
the rest into the sink, preferring mocha
over ice. I'd rinse the drain out clean;
no need to bruise her heart with my desire
to custom make my world. Then, settling
back into her chair I'd trace the whorls
she left for eager eyes that still embraced
those tender, tendrilled words. But eyes
that once brimmed full with life fell fallow
when forgotten by a heart that grew
apart from hand. Six years hence
have slowly stolen them away; these easy hands
that once would write my world, now hard,
will build instead a wall betwixt, with bricks
of silence—mortared by familiarity. But still
I wake to java: black and bitter brew is left
for me in kitchen, ours, shared separately,
the notes unwritten now, the coffee icy cold.

29 Jun 09

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for listen
 — noodleman

sanguine . . . lanquid . . .  um . .. betwixt?

whoa. this is like sum bitch shit i would write


1. be pithy
2. if you cannot be pithy then you better have a damn good poem
3. next time, try putty


 — unknown

thanks for reading puta
 — noodleman

i thought you 'left the building'

how come?
 — unknown

you are most very welcom, poodleman

 — unknown

thanks for posting this. i like the title a lot, you incorporated it into the poem sufficiently to say the least.

please don't tweak this, if you can help it. i'm not sure how much your revisions changed this, but i like the core of the poem, like the way you wrote it.

keep it up.
 — listen


you owe me a new pair of grundies

poet on potty
 — unknown

you should stick to titles

and T
 — unknown

i guess i have a small suggestion though. i'm wondering if "icy cold" might read better "ice cold," simply because of the connotations that has. it was the way i read it at first.

but that suggestion is just that. completely up to you, just glad to see this. it reads fine either way.
 — listen

empathy for enthalpy
 — unknown


some brix died off duh wall of pop juxtaposed
end betwixt anti-pop culture pressures.

yore java bruce well width duh lay-dee serving it.

: )
 — fractalcore


gooed too sea ewe hear.
eye now see wear yore enjambments
calm from.

duh man ease contagious.

: )
 — fractalcore

empathy for enthalpy. thats hilarious. me likey.

what size u need teh grundies?

ice t or mister t? ill eat yo balls suckah,
 — noodleman

really impressive writing, wording very dense.

will read this a few times through.:)
 — syrossoul

thanks syrossoul
 — noodleman

 — unknown

its all it ties
 — noodleman

Hey, this is old and still good, like ...wait, does coffee get better with age?  haha  Not a drinker, I prefer tea.  Nice to see it again, Noonoo.
 — Isabelle5

thanks isa
 — unknown

why did you come back?

you left

in such drama

we dont forget
 — unknown

glad to be remembered.
 — unknown

i have good drama medication now. whats your excuse for lurking? :)
 — unknown

i dont need one
 — unknown

too shay
 — unknown