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Butterflies from Hades

I caught butterflies on my tongue
it felt as if
   my mouth rinsed glass-
stark faith cradled
   scaled wings
I cursed them
   with a cardinal smile
beautiful creatures, purities dead
I sprayed a prayer
   in divested guile
and blood overflowed
   their hateful chalice
a metamorphosis transpired
I drink, I drank
   till my belly split
   steeped with chrysalis
   they took flight
drain, drained
   their vehement feed
filled the air with bloody wings

2 Jul 09

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comments, crits, suggestions...?
 — JKWeb

the title does justice for the poem. there's something strangely mythical about this. you also did well with the rhythm.

also, line nineteen stands out. and blood wings is a powerful image.

oh, and line fourteen is good.
 — listen

thank you very much listen-
me glad you like :)
 — JKWeb

forgot to mention that your imagery itself is good.

just glad to read this.
 — listen

I agree with listen about the imagery in this poem.  this is a very ambitious write JK--the religious references are not at all subtle, but are very well done.  I like this very much, it is a well written piece--some might take exception to this this because of their religious preference, but not me--from my point of view this is excellent.
 — PaulS

Thank you very much PaulS-
I very much appreciate your crit and comments...I'm glad you like it...
 — JKWeb

and thank you for visiting again listen...
 — JKWeb

any other comments, crits, suggestions?
 — JKWeb

I enjoyed this much. Liked the play between pesticide and sermon(or whatever its called)

I dont know if this was intended but I found "voracious proboscis" and the overall concept of butterflies from hades really funny. nice job.
 — peoplescareT

Unique and creative.  Wonderful word choices and flow.  Nice writing.
 — sybarite

smile. this reads like a strange first translation from hungarian -- the embedded cases and verb directions, which are so easy in some other language, have to be fully filled ih english. but, i like that you did this dance, this baroque vision of a future minuet.
 — trashpoodle

thank you all very much for taking the time to read and comment...

me glad you like : )
 — JKWeb

    I sit , read this over , over, but i am transfixed by it ... there is... something about it that speaks out at me, perhaps the butterfly or something, their stark faith cradled, their scaled wings, beautiful creatures, steeped with chrysalis, their voracious proboscis , standing out of course, their vehement feed, with bloody wings, they filled the air... bouncing with the wind... solemn creatures... look for rest... some cardinals take away... then to swing till mounted on a scrub, there is no more time to play... excellent piece i am still transfixed upon this ... j.g.smiles
 — goeszon

I appreciate you too taking the time to dissect my poem...
glad you like... :)  (:
 — JKWeb

i am enamored with twenty through the last lines. lines thirteen and fifteen are iffy only because of the drink drank, present past stuff. the rest is in the past tense, perhaps keeping it that way would make it stick more but over all i love it. beautiful ;)
 — brokenarrows

I read with a rictus grin drinking deep the bloody feast you've been with butterfly's razor smiles complete with honey-suckle'd sin -- a macabre play well writ JKWeb
 — AlchemiA

Thanks brokenarrows-
for giving my poem a l@@k...I appreciate it...
 — JKWeb

Thank you for your cool poetic comment
me glad you like... :)
 — JKWeb

super work......
 — waltwhitman

thanks a bunch for reading and commenting...
 — JKWeb

lots of neat imagery, viscerally felt
good allusions
some good phrasings
you have fun with tenses.

a bit bombastic
vehement feed makes no sense to me. but i could be dumb.

i feel you reaching with this, trying to attempt something challenging. i commend you for challenging yourself.

not scored.
 — noodleman

add to line 4 -leaving an admiral's eye

think about butterfly type and significance.

this is one of the best i've read on here beautiful imagery that only loses power on last line (do butterflies bleed?)

last line could be - air turned silk into ?
 — Caducus

Thank you noodleman for insight and comments...
vehement is good, I googled it... :)
 — JKWeb

thank you as well Caducus-
I'm glad you like it, I appreciate the kudos...
the blood on the butterfly wings was not theirs
 — JKWeb

I love the first line and then it goes into something so unbutterflyish that I was caught up in the imagination of it all.  Demonic butterflies!  (Kind of like Bridezillas!)

I don't need to know everything that's going on to like it, which is a relief.  The lines and images are brave and different, creative.  I love the 'vehement feed' line.  I'm thinking African vultures only very, very small!
 — Isabelle5

thanks for having a l@@k see at my poement...
that would be small vultures with proboscis as opposed to beak :)
 — JKWeb

11-13 my favorites. This is very well crafted, James. Congrats on being up there at the top. ;)
 — SarahMichele

Thanks Sarah-
I appreciate you checking it out...
me ams happy you like ;)
 — JKWeb

"Beautiful" - vague, over-generalized, abstract, has no impact, nondescript.  

I'd cut Ln 13, and take out the repetition of bathing.  Choose one.  It does nothing for the poem to say it twice.

the same with lines 15 and 20.  The repetition serves no function other than that it disorients the reader.  

Overall, very provocative, vivid images and stimulating language.  Love it.
 — SodaKid

Thank you very much SodaKid-
I'm glad you enjoyed reading...
...  :)
 — JKWeb

I don't know why I'm the only one who does not like this. It's not as if I don't like  stuff. I do. This just feels so unrealistic, I can't place it in my vision at all. It's overblown and inflated.
 — unknown

as if I don't like macabre stuff*
 — Ananke

dang, I revealed my unknownness, whoops
 — Ananke

That's what I like about it.  It's overblownnesses and inflatednesses.  For some reason can't seem to use real words here.  It suspends our disbelief.  It is a fantasy.
 — SodaKid

I know, and that's why I waited to comment on this. I read it when it was first posted, tried and tried to like it. I *like* fantasy. I like the fantastic.

This just feels too pretending, like a dungeon in a fairy tale that's described in detail but doesn't belong in the story and has no participation in the plot.
 — Ananke

that's exactly what I was shooting for...
like noodleman said, it's bombastic and I guess I've
succeded to a certain degree...
 — JKWeb


Thank you for stopping by again ;)
 — JKWeb

it's a heavily clad poem
which is ok and i know you intended it
and i like the richness and blood.
i don't like the abundance of 'their' and 'they'
in the poem.  this could be avoided i think.

people like to write about butterflies
in all sorts of ways, don't they.  i like them too.
your title makes me think of Karl Childers
with all that talk about Hades.  cool. =-)
 — jenakajoffer

 — bladeofagony

thanks for having a l@@k @ my poem...
 — JKWeb

thank you for your brief but cool comment
I'm glad you like it  ;)
 — JKWeb

some butterflies are toxic if ingested.
this poem is toxic
 — crab

ummm...thanks crab...I think  :l
 — JKWeb

Interesting that your butterflies are scary and beautiful at the same time too. :-) I love your title - it could also be used for my poem.......I want to steal it!!

I didn't read this in a religious context initially, because it feels very physical and I was caught up in that.

Lines 1-3 I love these 3 lines.

Lines 9-10 I'm not sure you need these - the religious imagery is strong enough without maybe?

Lines 16-17 gory and evocative

It does feel slightly overdone (line 19 maybe?) but at the same time, I can understand why butterflies might inspire that kind of drama :-)
 — smugzy

thanks smugzy-
for reading and commenting
I was going for that "over-the-top" feel on this one
thanks again for stopping by :)
 — JKWeb

why did the butterflies feel like glass?
 — ghost

Thank you for reading.
 — JKWeb

Is that all you can say? you got nothing? no explanation? you can write it- but yet you can not be bothered to explain?
 — unknown

"It felt as if my mouth rinsed glass?" why?
 — unknown

ghost and unknown(s)-
You really want me to explain?
Or are you just yankin' my chain?
The butterflies are from hell, it's all metaphorical.

Best regards
 — JKWeb

"It felt as if / my mouth rinsed glass."

Mmmm.. Yes. This is some really nice poetry, lamely put. I love the imagery that you present. :3 It's wonderful.
 — irisiis

Thanks for the nice words and making this a fave.
 — JKWeb

Bravo dear man!
I find this poem to be exquisite!
 — mandolyn

Thank you very much.  Glad you like it.
 — JKWeb

perhaps taking out puities dead,

beautiful creatures,
I sprayed a prayer
 — Callisto

Thanks for reading and suggestions.  I've trimmed this an awful lot since the intial post and I'd hate to trim anymore and lose sight of what I was trying to convey.  Nonetheless, I do appreciate it.  
 — JKWeb

wow...this is great!!!
 — psychofemale

Thanks psychofemale
for reading and accolades.
 — JKWeb

my choice for the day, very nice.
 — manuka

Thanks manuka
for reading and nice comment.
 — JKWeb

whoa, quite nice,
JKWebster sir.
: )
 — fractalcore

Thank you much fractalcore
for reading, commenting and making a fave.
 — JKWeb

 — unknown

 — unknown

Thanks unknown(s)
for taking the time to read and comment.
 — JKWeb

much admire l15-18 - very well executed.
 — Caducus

Thanks a bunch Caducus.  Glad you like 15-18.  Gratitude.
 — JKWeb

A quite powerful and subtle work that I very much have enjoyed.
I wanted to tell you so.
 — unholy

How did I miss this one??
Another great write web!
 — mandolyn

Much gratitude for reading and positive feedback unholy.
 — JKWeb

Thank you too mandolyn.  I'm glag you like.
 — JKWeb

 — JKWeb

I gotcha.
 — mandolyn

spam for breakfast.
 — JKWeb

Hi JK - strangely disjointed and surreal this with L13 and L19 not quite working for me - proboscis goes for animals too so 'voracious nose' comes to mind - maybe haustellum/ae and delete 13? Thanks to the spammer (whom I still wish a most unpleasant demise upon) I didn't miss this interesting piece - quite the mix of lepidoptera and alien's bursting out of stomachs!Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

thanks mitch.  looking at this again, I see what you mean.  modified.
 — JKWeb

wow!  that's a lot of spam.
 — JKWeb

love the way it rubs on the page too. nice. Ed
 — unknown

thanks Ed.
 — JKWeb

L10  digested bile  ?
 — unknown

thanks for reading and comment unknown.  will have to give your suggestion some thought.
 — JKWeb

Infiniteyl better JK Bravo - mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

Infinitely better JK Bravo - mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

i know this feeling, bad feeling, good poem,  
 — Odin

spam from Hades.

thanks for the return pdemitch.

thanks for reading and comment Odin.
 — JKWeb