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Jagged Rocks and Whiskey Sting

sit on the rotten lines
flowing out to sea
jagged rocks
and whiskey sting
broken crowds
along the beach
as i salute this dusk
with a tip of my bottle
now and again
getting lost in smoke
i'll stumble back
when it's pitch black
and find my way home
when the whiskey is gone
away from the waves
relaxed my brain
those moments behind me
time spent on the rocks
all for the moments ahead.

28 Feb 04

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Wonders of the rhythmic flow of the chaos of the powerful roar and
the quiet murmurrings of a mind that reaches out into the harshness
of the very existence of thought and reason for surviving....
reflections into the unknown and known while still not able to
actually acknowledge the existence of the pulsating and restless
 — unknown

huh?...ooh cool cool
 — Brandxxx

fucking awesome.
 — Drastic