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It's Sexual...

Forgot to tie
my shoes today
it was because of him;
there is a spot
upon my dress shirt
all because of her;
sleeping with the two
they never let me sleep,
I love them both
it's sexual
underneath our sheets.
Mike Hendershot 2009

8 Jul 09

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oh say it aint
 — unknown

    Monday thru Saturday with Sunday off to go to homes with our folks for dinner each week, you didn't need a clothes line for the sheets... it... was... and asterisk * of a night all week, a regular hippies convention... real story... j. g. smiles
 — ambiguos

two birds with one stone saves nine
 — Cerulise

    The famous Club sandwich in which i am the center piece... or  a Bologna sandwich wherein i am the meat, so many variations, what a concept, you could even have brown bread or rye, or sour dough, or.... 7-grain, multi cultural, you could wrap it or zip lock it   j.g.smiles
 — ambiguos

this is a rather 'ambiguous' poem
 — jenakajoffer

    You "crack" me up... so early in the morning too... what do you drink, what brand....
 — ambiguos

malt is cool if i can't get hold of
a soda and there's something sexy
(sexual) about the bubbles when
you pop them open.

can get no sleep with them under
your sheets, hehe. what's that The
Who song again?

nice poem, btw.
: )
 — fractalcore

fractalcore. thanks for stepping in so long ago, this piece was a bit funky, never thought of bubbles and sex
 — ambiguos