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on won street

i visit whores
and pay for them
with money
my mommy
sends me
for school.
i then eat noodles.

11 Jul 09

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noodles are go foryou
 — unknown

whores are better.
 — unknown

 — magnet

This is soooo funny!  I need to check out your other stuff.  EXcellent!  Extra duck sauce?  :-)
 — starr

i love noodles.
in fact, i just had some.

i think there are noodle
poems lying around, too.

the hairy variety must be
the most expensive but i
wouldn't know for sure.

; )
 — fractalcore

hahaha. your school's on gropecunt lane? (the name of many a main street in england during medieval times, indicating the active prostitution district there.)
 — Virgil