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Downloaded your wedding
bells, your crying, your underwater
gasp through telephone.
X, here, where we stood.
cue piano--

12 Jul 09

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here comes the bride -- or chappell's
'gone' -- on piano?

i'm inclined to think you're in the
wedding yourself but the X there,
though it can mean things other
than the spot upon which the bride
and groom stand before the wedding
officiator, is meant to refer to your

and the 'downloaded' in |1 reinforces
that inkling.

nice write notwithstanding my ignorance.
 — fractalcore

is probably* meant...
i should say.

: )
 — fractalcore

so you just downloaded their wedding,
you being not physically there.?.
what's the 'your crying, your underwater
gasp through telephone.' all about?

: )
 — fractalcore

The speaker is indeed on the outside looking in. I like that Facebook allows us back into the lives of our exes wearing a new face.

The inspiration for this was imagining how we digitize our lives nowadays; I was in a wedding a few summers ago that employed a videographer. The video was available as a download for a time. Peoples' photos are available online' nefarious parties can download them and, if they so chose, Photoshop them, take control over them. Much of our lives are archives ripe for manipulation. I imagined this phenomenon in a multimedia sense: what if you could get your hands on everything? Voice, video? What stage directions would you employ? What would you have your hated ex say? In this case, nothing but a gurgle. :) Nasty, perhaps.

As a side note, "X" serves many purposes here; my favorite being the spot where the piano drops.

The poem may require many revisions to get all this into the light, but that's the general idea.
 — griffinxi

I'm really into this.  When you said "cue piano" I was only thinking about piano playing.  I never thought of the idea that the piano was dropping.  It's interesting to have both those meanings happening at the same time.  The playing of the piano during a wedding ceremony, and a piano killing an ex.  Also I like the double meaning of "X", a spot, which is a presence and an ex or an anti-relationship, which is an absence.  The simulataneity of presence and absence is like all digital relationships.  You see, hear, and/or write to the person, but you are never really with them.  What constitutes a relationship?
I wouldn't change anything except Ln 3.  It could use "the" between "though" and "telephone".  It sounds weird without it.  "gasp through the telephone"
 — SodaKid

Thanks for the comments, especially:

"The simulataneity of presence and absence is like all digital relationships."

Awesome observation-- I'm going to toy with this a bit when I get a second.
 — griffinxi