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22/07/09 b

I'm not (a) romantic anymore.

22 Jul 09

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I know you.  Funny how a puddle to one is an ocean to another.
 — 1994

Can't help but say you've summed it up quite nicely.
 — 1994

this is very real and direct, very original and thoughtful and a simple structuring for the truth of expression, embedded in the truth of spirit. the implications are astonishing, as are the resonances with virtually all literature. the simplicity of minimal begs the question as to why most of the other poems posted here have to be so mindless and chatty -- propagandist and spiritually empty and simply written as though written by semi-educated 'high school grads' from america who need to doodle on the page with words.

the use of graphic -- the parenthesis --  technique is sophisticated, as is the elimination of "when i'm in the bath-tub, turning wrinkled", and the self-discipline is palpable in this -- beyond simply taste and restraint.

a ten, but only because i can't give a twenty.
 — trashpoodle

I couldn't disagree more, I believe this "sentence" is a deliberate slap in the face to poetry.  Poetry takes effort and I see no effort in this.
 — monsters

what wasn't said in this is so powerful. not saying all that has been said by everyone, but, instead, ironically nodding to anyone, is the supreme poetry art.
 — trashpoodle

Think about the pure ambiguity of this. This one sentence strikes me on so many levels that I will never understand. If a poem, sentence, or word can do that, who cares how long it is? It's unconventional, its unclear, and confusing. But the sheer fact that I've spent so much time thinking about this is enough for a high rating.

Plus, minimalism is in
 — cubbzor

the fact that you're trying to read it as a poem at all should give you thought. it's really only because the label of the site is 'poetry', no? and, reading this as a comment under a picture in time magazine would make another kind of sense, and never make you think of poetry at all. a lot of the poems here are actually letters, and read as poetry because they're framed inside the poetry box.
 — trashpoodle

ignore poodle.
best way.
 — unknown

1994 thinks this poem summed it up quite nicely. how about you?
 — trashpoodle

Thank you, trashpoodle. You had me at hello.
 — slowtesque

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