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Fall of the Lightbearer

Full of wisdom and flawless in beauty,
its beginning and the end.
Adorned with every exquiste gem.
Prince of the crystaline world.
Filled with taberet and pipes,
messenger of music’s throne.
Walker among the Burning Stones
located behind The Twelve Gates of Pearl.
“The Guardian of all creation”
ordained so by the Holy Ones.
Second only to their sum,
and recognizing my being as a portent.
I know they were not my cause.
So by reason of my wisdom, beauty, and light,
I would ascend the very stars and heights.
Self begotten, self existent, ignipotent.
Accused of originating pride askance
and corrupted by my luminance.
Myriad upon myriad of stars advanced.
Fought till my stars and I were ejected.
Forced from the heart of the Burning Stones,
cast downward to the dark world of chaos disgraced.
Till the great recreation of time and space.
From crystal to liquid, light from darkness expected.
Firmament in the midst of waters to divide waters from waters,
one vast global ocean sea band.
Then out of the waters emerged the land.
Pangaea, the eye of the new foundation.
From virgin ground was a tabernacle formed,
where then entered the breath of life.
A new holy being came out of strife,
to be the parent of a new creation.
From this being yet another came.
Two halves different yet the same.
Placed In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida,
the Holy Ones' magnum opus and diadem.
Immortals with only one condition:
the knowledge of the sacred fig’s prohibition.
My plan: enter the sacred iris,
and reveal why it was forbidden them.
I have tasted the fruit and know its tree,
it would make them equal to the Three.
They would be as I am, free.
Knowing all existence, its reality, and breadth.
When done they will recognize and acknowledge me.
The Star of the Morning, The Great Cherub.
The Red Dragon, once the ordained now adversary.
The Angel of Music and now of Death,
The Lightbearer now Prince of Darkness,
Lucifer now Satan, all evil harnessed.
It is time, I enter quetzalcoatl, then Eden.
I slide forward arms across my chest.
                    It begins.

tabret: a small drum
tabernacle: a tent or metaphorically a body
askance: with suspicion, mistrust, or disapproval
magnnum opus: A great work, especially a literary or artistic    masterpiece.
The greatest single work of an artist, writer, or composer
diadem: 1. a crown.
             2. a cloth headband, sometimes adorned with  jewels, formerly worn by Oriental kings.
             3. royal dignity or authority.
Quetzalcoatl: the feathered serpent god of the Aztec and Toltec cultures.
Pangaea: the hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were joined, from about 300 to 200 million years ago.
portent 1. an indication or omen of something about to happen, esp. something momentous.
           2. threatening or disquieting significance: an occurrence of dire portent.
           3. a prodigy or marvel.
ignipotent: presiding over fire; also, fiery.
Ina-Gadda-Da-Vida: "In the Garden of Eden"

22 Jul 09

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Nice. I have to play catch up at work today. I've been spending too much time at poetry critical during work hours, and my paperwork piles have grown over my head. Then this weekend I'm going away, but I've favorited this and I promise I will come look at it on Monday! If I don't, remind me!

 — Ananke

This written in the first person while Revenge of the Fallen Ligtbearer is written as a condensed narrative.
 — Redlander

This one flows much better than the other. Says the same thing, but I walk away from it feeling like I actually read something. Love how you squeezed the sacred fig in there *wink* haha just kidding.

 — Ananke

A smorgasbord of writing where does one start ....
 — goeszon

Thanks Ananke, and the sacred fig I got from your poem definitely
 — Redlander

Hey sista, thanks for the comments, always a help, added some definitions to help.
 — Redlander

I love reading your work.  You're an amazing storyteller.
 — episnerak

Perhaps if you read every 4th line
 — Redlander

opps sorry
 — Redlander