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NumerAlphic Monorhyme

A poem challenge, each sentence is incorrect and once corrected the sentence changes to the way it should correctly read. The part needed to correct the sentence is already on the line.  If you've read my explanation/comment in the previous submission please don't give it away.

1. Bautista is spanish for John the Baptizer, the last saint of Old Dispensation.
  2. Tu is the singular of tutus, no exaggeration.
  3. Wisemen on Christmas night is a tradition that is not biblically supported.
  4. Sight alone is better than hindsight visualization.
  5. Seen a ghost, was it my hallucination?
  6. Teen years is twice as long as any eight year old’s lifetime by any calculation.
  7. T has always been a number never a letter that’s no speculation.
  8. Balls, in billiards, are allowed only one per table, no exception .
  9. Nein is a “no no” in the language of the German nation.
10. Ants, in a rooming house, are always good for its monetary calculation.

3 Aug 09

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This is like one of those things that once I get it it'll seem so simple. BUT FOR NOW it's so frustrating.
 — Ananke

read every number.
 — unknown

 — Ananke

Unknown now that you told Ananke you're going to have to kill her. Sorry Ananke. :-)
 — Ebony

It's cool.
 — Ananke

This one was much easier than your other one
 — Redlander